Crazy Signs Your Twin Flame is Communicating with You


Have you ever felt such an intense bond with someone? A powerful desire that makes your whole body tingle physically every time you are with that person?

It is definitely a different and unusual feeling compared to other relationships that you have had.

And that feeling and that connection does not go away, even after months, years or decades, even though we are not together and with several different people, despite intense emotions and endless discussions. But you can’t deny it, you two have crazy chemistry that just doesn’t go away.

You can experience what it feels like to make contact with your soulmate, also known as your ‘mirror soul’. It’s gripping, electric, and so intense that it makes you feel like you’ve been struck by lightning.

Does it sound like something you’ve seen in a cheap rom-com or read from the pages of a novel?

A twin flame is half of the same divine soul substance. This is based on the idea that a soul is divided into two bodies. And due to their thoughtful nature, they reveal your deepest and darkest insecurities, fears, and imbalances. Exposing fears can be scary as they are not easy to deal with, but a twin flame is also there to help you overcome them and vice versa. They will also be affected by you in the same way.

Not everyone has the opportunity to find their twin flame in this life. A twin flame occurs when the soul is ready to go through the process of awakening and spiritual transformation. Some people think that the twin flame connection is too intense, so they never accept the idea of ??experiencing it.

1) You dream about your twin flame even before you meet in person

Have you ever had vivid dreams in which you felt a familiar presence, someone you don’t know in real life, but immediately felt at ease as if you had already met them in the past? And then you wake up with a strong desire to meet this person?

The presence you felt in those dreams is probably your twin flame, even before you realized you had one and they tried to communicate with you. You may have even shared a dream with them at some point.

While you sleep, your energy body is much freer than when you are awake. And because of this, your soul is more easily drawn to the soul of its twin flame. It is the easiest way to connect and naturally you are drawn to it.

Dreaming of your twin flame and dreaming of her is a way in the universe to unite your senses and strengthen the relationship that you will soon enjoy.

It is also a twin flame healing mechanism.

Take this as a sign that you are about to meet an important person in your life.

2) You feel drawn to them

A twin flame connection feels almost magnetic. From that moment they looked into each other’s eyes when they entered that cafeteria. The appeal is undeniable; You are inexplicably attracted to that person.

The attraction never seems to diminish, as if their energy is always there, always bringing them together to be closer to each other, even when they are far from each other, whether they are staying in another room or in the middle of the world.

If you feel like there is an overwhelming attraction to someone, like you can’t resist the temptation, whether it’s you just met them or someone who has been in your life for a long time, this could be a sign that your twin flame connects you.

3) A gifted advisor confirms it

The signs at the top and bottom of this article will give you a good idea if your twin flame is communicating with you.

Still, it can be very rewarding to talk to and receive guidance from a very intuitive person.

They can answer all kinds of questions about relationships and dispel your doubts and concerns.

Are they really your twin flame or your soul mate? Are you supposed to be with them?

I recently spoke to someone at Psychic Source after going through a rough patch in my relationship. After being lost in thought for so long, they gave me a unique insight into where my life was going, including who it should be.

I was really amazed at how kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable they were.

In this love reading, a talented counselor can tell you if your twin flame is communicating with you and, most importantly, empower you to make the right decisions when it comes to love.

4) You feel a strong, unexplainable connection with someone you just met

Out of nowhere, you instantly like someone you just met on a very random last minute blind date. What were the odds, right?

They seem too good to be true, but you can’t stop thinking about them. The way they look. The sound of his voice. The smell of your hair. You even start to yearn for it.

Your attraction to this person is so powerful that you long to be with him when you are not with him and you want to know everything there is to know about him.

This new person who just came into your life is probably your twin flame.

According to licensed psychotherapist Babita Spinelli, when you first meet your twin flame, there will be an intense sense of attraction, recognition, and desire.

“Meeting a twin flame often feels like home,” she says. “They feel familiar, an undeniably strong bond, like you’ve known them before.”

5) You feel body sensations when you meet your twin flame

There are several physical sensations that you can feel the first time you meet your twin flame.

One of the most common feelings is palpitations or pain in the heart chakra. When you first see or stand near the physical manifestation of your mirror soul, your heart begins to beat faster. This powerful connection affects the seven chakras of the body, especially the heart chakra.

Dizziness also occurs because the first encounter releases a powerful energy that creates an extreme vibrational charge. When you meet your 1212 angel meaning twin flame, an intense blast of energy is released that you may not be able to handle.

You may also feel pressure in some part of your body. This is because the body chakras are affected by the powerful energy associated with the twin flame connection. This band exposes the energy imbalance in your body.

Another feeling that you will feel is stomach pain, which you usually experience early in the relationship. You feel so in love that it physically hurts to be away from your twin flame. What happens is that the solar plexus chakra experiences an imbalance and manifests pain. This feeling disappears when the relationship stabilizes.

Take care of your body temperature. The first time you are close to your twin flame, you feel your body heat up, and when you move away, you feel it cool down. This happens due to the charge of vibrating energy, so powerful that it affects body temperature.

And finally, a less common physical sensation you may encounter is climax. You may start to feel an intense climax anywhere on your body due to the chakras being affected by 222 meaning love twin flame energy. This may be due to the other person reaching a physical peak or thinking of you. This feeling is relaxing and healing.


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