Call Center Headsets: Features, Benefits, and Classifications


The call center headphones are a headset for call center workers; these special headsets for operators are used on the call box.

Advantages of the USB call center headset

Wireless headsets are becoming more and more popular in call centers. They’re light and convenient, fitting in one ear comfortably and with the option to adjust the volume from the headset itself. It also has a high sensitivity that can shield against ambient noise.

The Call center headphone is synonymous with a telephone headset. There are also alternative terms, such as customer service headsets, and their main use is to answer the phone.

Classification of USB headphones with mic for call center

There are two major types of call center headsets for computers. One has a USB interface with a sound card, and the other does not. They can also be divided by having a USB interface with a good card or one that doesn’t.

The USB interface with a sound card is better than not having one. They’re both more expensive, but the USB interface is more reliable for listening to and reproducing sound files.

However, as long as it is a headset with a USB interface, the volume, answer, hand up, and a sound card, USBs can provide better sound quality than standard old phones. However, wireless call center headsets are usually more expensive. The Mute can be adjusted through the wire control.

All of us have seen the headsets in call centers, and universally, we know what they are. A built-in mic with a USB cable plugs into your computers.

These headsets are great for call center work. The noise cancelation also makes them perfect for other forms of video and voice chat, whether business-related or with family. Let’s look at how they can enhance your experience!

Noise cancellation quality

Callers need to hear themselves and their surroundings clearly when the communication is official, and our headsets can ensure that. 

They include noise cancellation technology to reduce distracting sounds while talking on Skype or during a video call. These headphones also cancel background noise. With a headset with multiple microphones, the listener will only hear the caller’s voice and not any outside noise.

 Professional class sound quality

Sound quality is integral for a headset, as that defines what the caller and listener will hear. It is only worth the cost if it has professional sound quality. Branded headsets guarantee great sound quality so both caller and receiver can listen to crystal-clear voices.

Quick Disconnect feature

Headsets come with a quick disconnect feature. This will let you switch between cables and amplifiers without going out of your way for less downtime.

Call center headphones with mic are often unified with most modern technologies. That’s why they can easily link up to the software you’re using and provide a wireless connection to your smartphone.

Reinforced cables

Rigid cables in call center headsets can allow you to experience a smooth voice delivery for the caller, preventing any possible disruption or interference with your day-to-day work.

Longer-duration calls may result in greater strain on the headset, so it is important to maintain this problem to avoid voice cracks or interruptions during your conversation. Add these features to your call center, and you’ll have a consistent customer experience.

1: Productivity

Headsets free up your hands so you can multitask – take notes, open drawers to find files, or do various other tasks while on the phone. A cordless headset can help you walk around the office to talk to co-workers or access resources.

Phone calls can take up a lot of your focus and attention. The headsets provide the following:

Physical freedom.

Meaning you can do other things while talking on the phone.

Leading to increased productivity.

2: Sound Quality

Headsets make it easy to have high-quality conversations. They fit well and are simple to listen to because of their quality speakers & adjustable positioning. Many headsets also come with amplifiers that let you customize the tone.

The microphone is in a perfect position to pick up your voice while also avoiding any facial movements you make. This can reduce rubbing noise and capture your voice’s true sound. 

Similarly, many headsets have noise-canceling technology to block out other ambient sounds from being picked up by the mic, which can interfere with call clarity too.

3: Safety

Wireless headsets offer many safety benefits. Cords are a potential hazard, and it’s best to have as few of them as possible in the office.

When using your cell phone, it is a good idea to use an earpiece so as not to expose you and your head to potentially harmful radiofrequency radiation. Wired or Bluetooth, it doesn’t matter – either will do the job and only produce a very small amount of radio waves.

4: Amazing, Lifelong Customer Service

Happy employees = higher quality work = satisfied clients = more revenue. It’s a comfortable cycle that benefits all of us. Or, if your staff is getting worn out from all their work.

Tips to Take Care of Your Call Center Headsets

1:Never drop, throw, or shake your headset around.

This could cause all of the internal components to break, making it impossible for the device to function properly.

2: Avoid high temperatures and humidity.

Direct sunlight can change the shape of the plastic parts in your device, as well as extreme cold temperatures below 14 degrees F. These extremes will impact the battery life of your headset.

This article will show you how to take care of your Bluetooth call center headset so you can use it without any problems. It would help if you avoided extremes such as moisture or excessive sweating because they can damage some technical parts.

3: Store your headset in the same place at all times

Leaving it around will result in wear and tear, so it’s best to hang it up on a hook or put it away in your drawer with the cable clear from obstructions so that damage is minimised.

4: Clean your headset regularly

While they may not be much to look at, they can get dirty & lead to irritation or infections. Gently clean dirt, makeup, sweat, and hair products from your device with a microfiber cloth every now & again.

Remember that dirt, liquid, and other junk can get inside the headset. This will spoil it or interfere with its operation. That’s why you should clean only with a dry cloth or a specific solution such as alcohol-free wipes – to avoid damaging the plastics of the headset and making them dry out.

4: Replace components every 4 to 6 months

You are replacing ear cushions, foam mic screens (if your headset has them), plastic voice tubes, ear tips, and ear gels every 4 to 6 months. You can get the best headset and can check its voice cancellation features too. So, before purchasing get all the reliable information that you find is relevant when choosing headsets. 

Bluetooth headset will help you avoid the spread of sick time. It must be replaced if the foam is dry, stiff, dirty, or falling apart. If your headset comes with a foam mic screen, always use it for better voice quality.

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