Silver Lining Book: The Best Mental Health Resources For Kids


We can start treating our children’s mental health with the help of mental health resources for kids available at home. Wondering, what are we talking about? Well, there are certain things that we can do at home to make our child’s mind sound. 

This is why we have compiled information on mental health, learning, and other relevant areas to help meet the expanding needs of children and teenagers. The following is a collection of mental health resources for kids that you can find at home. 

Pet A Dog

Therapy dogs are a popular way to improve your emotional state. Individuals benefit emotionally from dogs’ company. Simply touching a dog every day can help one’s mental health. This is because dogs provide emotional support. They understand what a person is going through and provide much-needed support. The magical part is they don’t need to utter a word, as their touch can do wonders. 

Stop To Appreciate The Little Details Of The Day

You may have heard the quote, “when life gives you a lemon make the lemonade.” Wondering how it relates to this mental health resource for kids? It is not exactly the same, but somehow similar. In this case, you need to appreciate the sugar in the lemonade. Enjoying the tiny things may sound cliche, but it is essential to personal happiness. Take a walk during your lunch recess to absorb nature’s splendor. Do it with your child to make him understand how appreciating the natural elements or small things in life can give him peace. 

Get Lots Of Rest

Adults should aim for at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Although each person’s body is unique, sleep is vital for learning and increasing everyday productivity. Moreover, getting proper rest will not only help in improving mental health but also boosts your overall health. You may have heard doctors saying sleep is important for many areas of our life. Well, this is not just their saying; it is scientifically approved. 

Use A Stress Ball Or Another Type Of Stress Reliever

The way we deal with stress has a direct impact on our health. A stress ball is a popular way to deal with stress. Simply squeeze your troubles away!

This may sound stupid to you at first, but this mental resource can actually help. If a stress ball is unavailable, your child can use the pillow to vent his anger. 

Make A Random Act Of Kindness

This is the best mental health resource for kids one can do at home. Volunteering to help others or doing one random act of kindness might boost self-esteem. Self-esteem boosts mental health in a number of ways, including a self-empowering feeling of social connectedness. Further, according to Harvard Health, volunteering helps reduce loneliness and despair. Make your child learn that volunteering is not bad. Ask them to do volunteering in their schools. 


Exercise benefits cardiovascular health. Better cardiovascular health leads to more mental stability and less anxiety.

Exercising your deep breathing. According to HealthDirect, deep breathing exercises help reduce your blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing pace. As a result, your body and mind can rejuvenate.


Yoga is an excellent method for relieving anxiety and despair. According to the National Library of Medicine, “yoga appears to modify stress response systems by lowering perceived stress and anxiety.” Some varieties of yoga, however, may be too difficult for some people. Yoga, in general, provides excellent mental and physical wellbeing advantages.

Consume Breakfast

A lack of nutrients might cause cognitive fogginess. According to Psychology Today, foods strong in omega-3 fatty acids are important to include in one’s regular diet. These and other meals have been demonstrated to help with the symptoms of depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and other mental illnesses.

Silver Lining Book: The Best Mental Health Resources For Kids

When we talk about silver lining books, we can not forget to state the fact that these books can make a lot of difference in your child’s mind. Silver lining offers three books that hold the potential to cure ADHD, anxiety, and depression. These books have characters that will help your child to learn how to cope with anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Additionally, these will help your kid learn how to reach difficult situations. All these together make silver lining books one of the best mental health resources for kids. So, why wait? Just scroll down their website and choose the best at affordable prices. 


Although these activities are not a “cure” for mental problems, these mental health resources for kids are beneficial and necessary for sustaining good mental health. Remember that some mental illnesses can be serious, so get treatment from your doctor or a professional if necessary. Given that May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, these ideas provide opportunities for increased discussion and active involvement in pursuing healthy individual mental health and wellness!


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