Omaxe Chandni Chowk

Omaxe Chandni Chowk

Revolutionizing Retail: Omaxe Chandni Chowk – Where Tradition Meets Modernity

The Omaxe Chandni Chowk project is well connected with local roads, metro stations, highways and important roads around Delhi. It’s a retail bonanza that’s increasing interest for company customers and investors.

The Omaxe Chandni Chowk will transform Delhi’s shopping style by adding more flavor and spice. Its price contains all the essentials for the business class to invest and get a higher return. To add to the lavish business architecture, it incorporates all aspects of Old Delhi. It produces the buzz and nostalgia part of the development, attracting clients from all around.

Omaxe Chandni Chowk Commercial Advantage

GRIHA-certified green building with a 5-star rating.

Interiors are inspired by Mughal, Indian, and British architecture.

Multifunctional rooftop with observation desk, kite flying places, and more.

There are 15 lifts, two car lifts, and escalators on each floor.

Asia’s largest wholesale marketplace.

Vertical green walls.

Waste and water recycling with an intelligent system.

6 to 8 lakhs, including tourists.

Metro Station – Chandni Chowk Market – 0 minutes.

Delhi Gate and ISBT Kashmiri Gate – 3 minutes.

ITO – Connaught Place – 10 minutes.

Software-based building management system.

Smart Parking Management System: Entry and Exit.

2100+ parking spaces, including 81 tourist buses.

Corridors range in width from 5.5m to 9m.

Tourist bus and radio cab pick-up and drop-off.

The vibrant mall at Omaxe Chandni Chowk needs no introduction; It is well known for its appeal to the general public and commercial groups. Omaxe Chandni Chowk offers various great facilities to meet the needs of your growing business, such as fire prevention system, fire alarm system, garbage disposal, water storage, safe elevator, clocks 24 safety, vigilant security staff, interesting maintenance crews and tourist parking lots.

The developer of this project has taken due care to ensure adequate safety and security requirements, which is one of the primary reasons for providing a fire protection system and a high-tech security system at this most beautiful and affluent commercial development to protect the businesses and goods of the property owners/retail shop owners.


Omaxe Ltd. has transformed the landscape in 27 cities across eight states. One of the country’s largest and most trusted real estate enterprises, their three-decade experience developing high-tech townships, retail malls, hotel complexes, and office spaces has made a million dreams come true.

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What is the whole area range of Omaxe Chandni Chowk?

The total size of Omaxe Chandni Chowk is 200376 square feet.

What are the different types of property in Omaxe Chandni Chowk?

Omaxe Chandni Chowkis is a commercial property with retail stores, multiplex, office space, a commercial/mall, and a food court.


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