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To practice and learn yoga, joining a yoga teacher training could be the best option. However, as a beginner, having so many yoga teacher training options could be intimidating. Especially when you look at yoga teacher training in India, getting off track is fairly easy.

So, keeping that in mind, let us guide you into the right direction. This article will a brief insight of different yoga teacher training courses, its different elements, diverse yoga forms in India, and benefits of YTT in India. Get through the following to take the first step right.

Different Yoga Teacher Training Courses

200 YTT

To start yoga practice, you can join 200 hour yoga teacher training course. It is one of the best and easiest yoga teacher training in India.

The approach is simplest that helps you get familiar with different elements of yoga. Not just that, you further learns not to hurt your body. 

300 YTT

The hardest part is to choose the right yoga teacher training course for intermediate yoga practitioners. That is where 300 hour yoga teacher training course comes into play.

It gives you more things to explore and take your practice deeper. Moreover, you even get the opportunity to become a certified yoga instructor.

500 YTT

When you wish to unravel the hidden dimensions of yoga, the 500 hour yoga teacher training course is best for you. It has a spiritual and mysterious blend of yoga and lifestyle.

500 hour is an advanced course which might require you to have either 200 or 300 hour yoga teacher training certificates. Join this only when you wish to explore the deepest cores of yoga.

Diverse Elements of Yoga

Many people think that yoga is just twisting and turning your body. That is, only yoga poses are there. There is more to it. Let us discuss that in the following points.

Yoga Poses

The most practiced element of yoga is yoga asanas. These focus on the physical dimension of your body. In short, yoga poses make you strong, flexible, and athletic over time.


Meditation helps you to tame your monkey mind. It soothes your senses and helps you become familiar with your inner thoughts. To practice meditation, you should join meditation retreat in India.


In yoga practice, deep breathing exercises have a special spot. Without proper breathing techniques, not even a single yoga element comes into existence. You learn how to breathe in and out to soothe your mind and body.

Yoga Forms in India

Not every single person will practice the same yoga form. Each style has a different approach, style, and flow.


It is one of the best yoga forms perfect for beginner yoga practitioners. Hatha yoga focuses on strengthening your limbs and core muscles.


Vinyasa yoga is fast-paced yoga practice that is often practiced to lose weight and mass. It also boosts the eye to hand coordination. 


When it comes to a complete reversal of lifestyle, Ashtanga yoga is going to help you the best. It helps in completely shifting the way you live and prosper in life.


Also known as hot yoga, Bikram is practiced in an enclosed room where temperature is heated. It opens your body pores for easy toxin relief.

Merits of YTT in India

Let’s know why joining yoga teacher training in India is going to help you. Read on.

True Yoga Knowledge

In India, the spirit of yoga offers you true yoga knowledge. It helps you explore different dimensions to have an overall growth.

Certified Faculty

Yoga trainers are certified, knowledge, and experienced. Moreover, you even get to meet venerable yoga masters.

Yoga Alliance Certification

Joining a Yoga Alliance certified course, you get to earn the Yoga Alliance certification. Thus, you can teach all over the world without any hassle.

Spiritual Insight

Being the yoga capital of India, enrolling in YTT in India gives you a better hand of experiencing spirituality. 

Close to Nature

You get to spend time in nature. The Himalayas and river Ganges are there to soothe your soul.

Sum Up

So, India has to offer you everything that none other place ever can. And get latest news So, choose a registered yoga school, join a yoga teacher training course, and learn from masters. Over time, you become a yoga expert with a strong mind and body.


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