7 Things To Look Out For Before Buying A Leather Bag             


If you are a bag lover, saying no to leather bags will not be an option. Leather bags are the lifeline of fashion that you will love in your closet. However, leather is not like any other material. If you haven’t bought a leather bag before, you need to take care of the things we will list.  

Handmade or Machine Made

Market has both types of bags, machine-made and handmade bags. Machine-made bags are often cheaper than handmade ones. You usually receive the highest handmade and machine-made bangs, both at the same prices. So the bag choice depends on you and your style. Handmade bags are often more durable than machine-made ones. 

Leather Type

Unlike any other material, leather doesn’t absorb water or chemicals easily. This is why it is often considered a durable option for bags and even for additional accessories. There are two types of leather available, the first one is full-grain leather, and the second is bonded leather. Full-grain leather is the best leather. It will stay the exact even after years of wear and tear. On the other hand, bonded leather is what you can try to avoid as it will not last long, even if you let it stay in its wardrobe.

The Size 

The bags are for various purposes. Some use it for college, while some want to take it to the office. So the use of the bag will depend on the correct size. You can go for the oversized and bulky leather hand bags if you wish, as they are best suitable for traveling due to their durability. But some leather versions of crossbody bags for women are also good options for commuting. Consider the weight of the bag you wish to buy, as you don’t want something bulging on your shoulders. Avoid buying a heavy bag and avoid stress from the arms and shoulders. 

Type Of The Bag 

Crossbody bags, tote bags, and sling bags are some options you can usually receive in the type of bag. Your occupation can help you choose the right bag more than anything. Before you directly jump into the market of bags, narrow down your needs. It will help you find the best bags that you need. 

Storage Space 

Storage is the main thing in bags, and organized storage is even more crucial. Organized storage is something you want to look for when selecting a bag.

Multi-compartment leather handbags are a godsend when it comes to finding an item during an emergency, even though handbags with fewer compartments may seem convenient. It’s preferable to think about the number of compartments so you can keep your belongings arranged and locate them when you need them. But it also depends on how the bag is used and who is using it.


A handbag ought to be adaptable enough to allow you to simply change it to match anything. Your go-to solution for daily travel is a tote bag. You are equally fashionable and can manage all of your work-related needs. Choose bags that can have their appearance easily changed by adding or removing a strap to make them clutch or a sling bag instantly. 

Style And Color 

People often think that leather bags have only one color, but actually, that is not true. There are various styles and colors that you want to check. Like navy leather shoulder bag has been in trends for a long while now. They are rocking the runway street style. Also, navy colors are one of the most versatile colors. You can style these colors almost with every outfit and makeup look. 


Leather is one of the most sought-after materials. It has been commanded as the premium for its quality, finish, designs, and life. All of these features of the leather determine its price, which makes it a pretty expensive material. Yes, there are cheaper options in machine-made bags, but leather is the most costly. 

Another factor that determines the price is the training process. If the leather is made using chrome tanning, it will be cheaper. If the leather is made using vegetable tanning, it will take a much harder process to complete, making it an expensive process. 


Leather bags represent luxury, so they need to come with a warranty. It always is better to be on the safe side and verify if your manufacturer provides the warranty. 

Wrapping Up!

Leather bags are more expensive than other material bags. However, they are worth the price as you receive lifetime quality and durability. Make sure you buy your bag from a genuine seller that can provide you not only with quality bags but also a warranty. If you love to buy your leather bag from an established fashion boutique, there is no better place than the Madison Style. Here, you can find your favorite leather bags complementing your on-the-go style.


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