Seven simple ways to update the look of your home


You must wish to make some changes to your living place while at home during this time. Going on a shopping binge is unnecessary to accomplish a whole makeover.

Don’t let these seven sage tips pass you by for decorating using things you already own in your home.

Alter the color of the paint on your walls!

Are you in dire need of paintings for home decor? You don’t have to look nice at a row of paint chips in the hardware shop. Using images of the room from painting companies, the walls can upgrade with house painting colors.

This enables you to see a paint color in advance without having to visit the business physically. If you’ve ever tried comparing paint colors without knowing the original manufacturer or shade, you know how challenging it can be.

Include Some Plants!

The incorporation of natural elements into the design of your house is an approach that is not only straightforward but also rather stunning. Why not bring some of the beautiful beginning to emerge from your garden, thanks to the warming rays of the spring sun, inside with you in the form of a bouquet or a little plant?

 Your living environment will immediately benefit from the addition of brightness that flowers provide. If you search for wildflowers, you should collect the petals and set them away to dry. This may be used to make fragrances from scratch, and they will look great in any setting.

Make Sure You Alter The Bedding!

A vacation at home is the same as going on a trip!

If you do not have a map or specific instructions, there is a good chance that you will never arrive at your destination. In addition, you will arrange the furniture in your bedroom to match the vision you have in your head.

Start with the basics

Does your furniture fit your needs and preferences? Is your bed too big for the space? You may create your perfect bedroom with the aid of the answer to these issues.

Now is the time to be more particular, considering whether the furniture is set properly and the accessories show its possible extent.

Refurbish the Pieces of Furniture!

Doorknob handles that are fashioned like animals, flowers, or other exotic motifs may be swapped out for fascinating and different ones. This is an easy way to inject a splash of color into your kitchen cabinets, bamboo coffee table, and door. If you don’t want to spend money on anything new, you can use vibrant ribbons to decorate your doorknobs instead of buying anything.

You may create a one-of-a-kind wall hanging by arranging plates of varying colors

and sizes in a certain pattern. You may rapidly alter a space by including elements such as picture albums, youngsters’ artwork, soft lighting, magazine cutouts, and even movie posters.

When you continue with the décor, remember to stay consistent with a theme, and position the items you’ve picked so they are on the floor.

Light It Up!

New lights or a different light fixture may completely transform a space. For instance, installing new fixtures above your island, sink, or table in an outdated kitchen may give it a modern look while also getting a complete makeover. To any dark areas that the overhead lights may not illuminate, it is advisable to add floor lighting! In the living room or bedroom, accent lights or even new shades for older lamps may add a brighter glow.

Change Your Front Entrance!

Make the front entry attractive since it serves as the focal point of your home. Start by thinking about the architectural style of your house. A well-positioned front door with a doorbell camera boosts curb appeal and the value of your home. Pay attention to the columns, window moldings, sofa loungers, window edging, front porch, roof outline, and margins.

To achieve harmony with the overall aesthetic, make these pieces stand out by painting them a contrasting hue or giving them a complementary color. The intricacies of the design incorporate brick, metal, and other building components. Think about the patterns’ shapes: square, arched, and broad.

Show Off Your Hobbies!

Let your skills add character to your house, especially the living room. Your visitors discover your passions as soon as they arrive at your home. Your interests become simple topics of discussion in this way.

To greet guests, drape the backs of chairs with handmade linens. If you love to play guitar, hang your guitar on the wall as storage.

Mount your seasonal gear, such as skis or small ottomans, to display it.

From Where You Can Get Home Decor Items!

Love House works with customers to develop pieces especially suited to their environment through bespoke fabrication and design services. Designer and appealing touches for your home decor can be found here; some of them are:


To accentuate its basic form, the Rosen Daybed by Love House uses premium materials, including walnut burl, high gloss lacquer, chromed steel, and Sandra Jordan alpaca upholstery.


The Cosmic series plays with metal qualities and various patina treatments. With internal LED components incorporated, this table lamp emits a soothing glow.


Hand-sculpted chair in steel with a bronze patina and waxed finish.


The nighttime piece Pelle was created by Buket Hoşcan and Erman Bazman.

The back panels are coated with carefully chosen leather, while the interior headboard is a support pillow. The swivel-out nightstands provide a secure place to store personal items. Both side tables include inner illumination and pull-out drawers.


Hand-built ceramic vase featuring coiled body and ceramic snakes. Available in custom glazes and sizes, Lead time 8-12 weeks


Diego Santos, a Chilean artist, created functional art stools. Each eclectic home decor item is handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York.


In Sanskrit, the word “arnava” denotes everything that originates from the ocean, waves, or sea. The Arnava cabinet is wood and designed to flow over a surface. Although the interior is brightly colored, the outside comprises textured solid Wood Decorative Objects. The two swing-opening doors of the Arnava are useful to celebrate the alternating matt and reflective surfaces.

Winding Up!

Your home may appear dull and uninviting once the Christmas decorations have been taken down. The months of January and February need not drag on interminably. Now is the time to give your home a facelift and breathe new life into tired old areas. Bringing your house up to date doesn’t have to break the bank or take up all your spare time. Making some little alterations to the appearance of your home will make it feel fresh and new for the coming months.

Without spending too much money, you might be able to make the desired adjustment.

You don’t need to go into debt to decorate your home; instead, find inspiration in the things that are meaningful, fun, and necessary to you.

Finding your passion might take some time.

Find inspiration in the beauty of nature, your family, and the people around you, then incorporate that beauty into your home to create the desired space.


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