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Elan Paradise Sector 50 Gurgaon is your best option if you’re looking to set up your retail space or want guaranteed returns on your investment. You have two options: start your own store or a retail showroom, or rent out your floors. Due to its central Gurgaon location and extensive connectivity to numerous residential areas, it will be a successful investment for investors. The first concept-based high-street retail, dining, and multiplex building is Elan Paradise.

Elan Paradise is a commercial-style project with an RERA application that occupies 4 acres of land. The units range in size from 300 to 1200 square feet and will be occupied by December 2024.

Amenities – Elan Paradise 

There are tons of amenities throughout the area. A few important amenities are listed below:

  • Security will be at its highest level around-the-clock thanks to the use of cutting-edge equipment.
  • There will be plenty of parking spaces because the project is spread out over several acres.
  • People in commercial areas won’t ever have to worry about running out of water or having no electricity.
  • Infrastructure with air conditioning – The entire area will have central air conditioning.
  • Fitness Centers – In addition, one can take advantage of the offerings of a gym, club, fitness centre, yoga studio, etc.
  • Food Courts, bars, and restaurants offer a wide range of dining options with a huge selection of cuisines.
  • Spas and exotic saunas are available for visitors to enjoy.

Highlights – Elan Paradise

The following list includes Elan Paradise’s project’s high points. 
  • The infrastructure will offer the ideal fusion of dining, entertainment, and retail area. Consequently, visitors can come here and stay all day.
  • It will be one of the best-designed commercial buildings, with a wide variety of offices and retail establishments.
  • Big brands will be present because the location wants to establish itself as one of the high-end shopping destinations.
  • Elan Paradise, a brand-new commercial development with affordable yet luxurious shops, will completely change the game for the entire real estate industry.
  • The location’s entire environment is welcoming and environmentally responsible.

Location Advantage – Elan Paradise

Elan Paradise’s location advantage will be one of Sector 50’s biggest USPs, as was already mentioned. A few crucial points to remember are as follows:

  • The connected Golf Course Extension road is very close to the project.
  • It is incredibly close to Delhi, Faridabad, and the NH-8 road.
  • The area is well-connected, and public transportation will be easily accessible.
  • The region is an IT Hub and is surrounded by different businesses.
  • Schools and shopping centres abound in the area.

FAQ – Elan Paradise

  1. How much land is the Elan Commercial project in Nirvana Country covering in total?

Ans: According to the latest information from the builder, Elan Limited, the total area is 4 acres, and there is room for approximately 1200 cars to park.

  1. Whether Elan Paradise is a residential or commercial endeavour is a question.

Ans: Elan Paradise is a for-profit endeavour. In actuality, the Elan group’s projects are all commercial in nature. Their delivery of residential projects is nonexistent. Elan Group has actually become known for and specialized in the development of the commercial sector. This commercial endeavour will draw customers seeking to shop in luxury with well-known brands.

  1. What kind of commercial property is it, exactly? Describe the features of the property, please.

Ans: Elan Paradise Sector 50 will feature a variety of high-end commercial properties, including food courts, entertainment zones, bars, pubs, supermarkets, gyms, ATMs, retail stores, terrace shops, etc. No one has been able to surpass Elan Paradise Gurgaon’s success due to its location in Nirvana Country and its proximity to residential areas. Have fun shopping here on Friday and Saturday nights!

  1. What is the progress on Elan Paradise, Nirvana Country Sector 50 Gurgaon’s construction?

Ans: The property is currently being built. Call True Asset Consultancy if you’d like the most recent construction updates. Our sales representative will continue to send you updates on the progress of this upcoming commercial project in Gurgaon’s Sector 50.


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