Know-How of RYT Certification for Beginners Yoga Practitioners

RYT Certification

Yoga is an art, a lifestyle, and so much more than physical exercise. Pursuing yoga as a career could be the best decision on your end. However, you need to prove your worth as a yoga trainer. To do that, you can simply earn an RYT certification. How to do that? Relax! We got you covered.

This article will give a glimpse of different types of RYT certifications, how to earn them, and why you earn an RYT certification. Keep reading. 

Different RYT Certifications

200 RYT

Beginners have stiff bodies and not-so-open minds. Therefore, they have to slowly enter the world of yoga, explore different elements, and grab the one that interests them the most. Thus, the 200 hour RYT certification fits them the best. It is an easy and comfortable way to learn and practice yoga.

300 RYT
People with little to a few years of experience don’t have to start afresh. Rather, they can go with intermediate yoga practice. That is why joining the 300 RYT courses can help them. It trains them to take a deeper insight into their yoga practice. Moreover, you even learn about different ways to intensify your yoga practice.

500 RYT

To join this course, you need either 200 or 300 hour yoga teacher training certificates. To reach the pinnacle of yoga training, you need to join 500 RYT. Rather than focusing on the physical dimension, it takes your practice into the spiritual realm.

The question arises – how to earn an RYT certification? That is discussed in the following lines. 

How to Earn RYT Certification

Choose Location

The location plays a major role. So, choose a calm, soothing, and peaceful location to join a yoga teacher training course. Rishikesh in India is truly a perfect location for yoga practitioners.

Select Course

Depending on your level, choose a yoga course. As a fresher, you can go with 200 or 300 hour YTT courses. You can go with 500 hour YTT course in case you have years of experience practicing yoga. Always choose a Yoga Alliance certification course. 

Go With a Yoga Form

Choose a single yoga form that you want to master. There are plenty to choose from. As a beginner, Hatha yoga could suit you the best. For a faster pace, Vinyasa & Ashtanga yoga can you the best. Make sure that the chosen yoga form goes along with the goal you have in mind.

Enroll & Complete the Course

Join the course and complete it. Complete the theory and practical hours of the course. Moreover, don’t forget to get through the literature and philosophy books. 

Apply for RYT Certification

Once done, you can apply for the Yoga Alliance certification. The Yoga Alliance registered school can do that for you. Just make sure you have given the correct information to the school for the certificate.

Why Earn RYT Certification

Another question that most yoga practitioners face is why you must earn RYT certification? Let’s get down to that.

Explore Different Yoga Dimensions

Yoga practice works on three dimensions – physical, mental, and spiritual. Every yoga form is different in its aura, practice, flow, and structure. Joining an RYT certification helps you explore each dimension before you make up your mind to choose the right one.

Train with Masters

Another major benefit of joining a yoga course is that you get to train with a yoga master. It helps you gain better knowledge from a genuine source. In some cases, you even get a chance to converse with them.

Spiritual Insight

Spirituality is something that the western world is new to. However, joining an RYT certification course in India will give you a deeper insight into how to live life. You explore the true meaning of life that might help to turn your life in the right direction.

More Exposure

Since you wish to pursue yoga as a career, you need pupils. That is only possible when people get to know who you are. Thus, a yoga course will give you more exposure to the outer world, rising competition, and various other elements.

Wrap Up

Earning a yoga certification is just the beginning of a lifelong journeyAND get latest news The whole idea of making yoga a part of your life is to be healthy, fit, and content with your life. When you are at peace with your internal struggle that is when your life shines.

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