GB WhatsApp Download APK (Official) Latest Version 2023

GB WhatsApp A name that doesn't require to be acknowledged.
GB WhatsApp A name that doesn't require to be acknowledged.

This article is about GB WhatsApp, the most popular WhatsApp mod worldwide. This article contains all information about GBWhatsApp. We have included a detailed article on GB WhatsApp APK. Keep reading to learn more about GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp allows you to chat with friends and is the most customized mod of WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp is compatible with the original WhatsApp. You can use this app as a messaging app to send messages to friends, voice messages, images and documents, as well as text messages. GB Whatsapp Pro can be downloaded from Our website.

Top Features

Anti-Ban: This mod is an anti-ban. This app can be used as an alternative to WhatsApp Messenger. This means that you can use the mod as a chat app without being banned. This mod will not ban your account.

Self-Destructive Messages : It can be very irritating and frustrating to receive notifications from WhatsApp when you are using other apps. This mod allows you to use other apps and not receive messages from your friends.

Dual Accounts: You may use GBWhatsApp and the FM WhatsApp download on one phone. If you have more than one number and want to use WhatsApp on each, you can do the same as above.

Backup & restore: You can use GBWhatsApp with another phone if you are concerned about your data. You can make a backup of your data, and then restore it on another phone with the same account. Your data will be protected by doing this.

Theme Store: This modded app has a theme shop where you can purchase unlimited themes. You can choose from a variety of themes to make your app unique. Any of these themes can be used.

Customization: This refers to changing text, background, and color. The entire app can be customized to your liking. If you wish to make some modifications in your app, you can change the style and color of text.

Hide View Status: This feature allows you to view the status of a contact in your contacts without them knowing. This feature allows you to see the status of any contact, but you won’t be able to tell them.

Stickers & Emojis: Use different stickers and emojis in chat to express yourself. This is a great feature for people who cannot express themselves in chat. There are unlimited emojis available and you can choose from a variety of stickers by using Whatsapp plus.

Freeze Last Seen: This is a great feature to fool your friends by confusing them with your last sight. This mod will change the time of your last seen. If your contacts see your last sight, it will change the time you last saw even if you’re online.

Anti-Delete Messages : It can be so frustrating when someone sends you a message, then deletes it immediately before you read. This mod allows you to see deleted messages even after the sender has removed it for everyone.

Status Downloader: While there are many status downloaders that can access the status of your contacts, we cannot guarantee your privacy. This mod allows you to download any status from your gallery. You don’t need an external status downloader.

Share location: This mod includes the ability to share your location with friends in case you are in danger or do not know where your location is. This feature allows you to inform your friends and ask for their help.

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GBWhatsApp for Android

You will need to download the mod from a third-party website if you want to use GBWhatsApp. This modded version isn’t available on the Play Store. These are the steps to help you download and install this mod.

  • You’ll need to open your browser.
  • Search for “GBWhatsApp”
  • You can open the page from your phone.
  • To download the file, click on the button.
  • (You can also download GB WhatsApp by clicking the button above.
  • Wait until the file is downloaded to your device.
  • In the File Manager, open the file you have downloaded.
  • It will ask for your permission.
  • Allow “Unknown Sources”, to install the file.
  • Wait until the installation is complete.
  • After the file has been installed, open it.
  • Enter the number that you’ll use this mod.
  • This mod can be used after you have completed the basic requirements.


GB WhatsApp is the best chatting app we have available. This app will not store any of your personal information. This mod will make you happy every second of it. This mod provides many more features than the original WhatsApp. Download this app now and get access to all its amazing features.

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