Make a Chocolate Fountain the Center Point of your Next Party or Event with this Guest Post!

Make a chocolate fountain the center point of your next party or event with this guest post!

Do you need new ideas for celebrating your birthday, Valentine’s Day, or just passing the time while you’re quarantined? Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or just because, I’ve got some ideas on how to use a chocolate fountain to make the occasion more special for the lucky recipients.

The icing on the cake is that it’s reasonably priced. In the following paragraphs, I will provide my recommendations on where to hire a chocolate fountain Essex, how to put it up, what kind of chocolate to use, and which foods work best as dipping items.

Why bother having a chocolate fondue fountain if you’re not going to use it?

Why in the world would we ever consider doing that?

Anyone who likes chocolate will be astonished when they see a tower that is dripping with chocolate that has a smooth consistency. This will leave them speechless. In addition, it is a fun pastime that will take you back to your younger years and bring you a sense of nostalgia. After dipping a massive, solid marshmallow into molten chocolate that is pouring with warmth and then getting to taste it, a particular sense of fulfillment can be achieved. This can be accomplished by dipping the marshmallow into the chocolate. And after that, the possibility of doing it again and again.

What sort of chocolate do you need to use?

You may customize your fountain showpiece to cater to a wide range of preferences and events, turning it into anything from a cascade of cocoa-rich dark chocolate to a curtain of vanilla-sweet white chocolate. It is up to you to decide which variety of chocolate to consume and what you would want to combine it with. White chocolate might be an elegant and delicious choice for some events, such as an engagement party or a baby shower.

What sort of chocolate do you need to use?

You can’t go wrong with milk chocolate as a crowd-pleasing option because it’s a traditional treat. We recommend aiming for something like our 40 percent Milk Chocolate Slab, which has an excellent harmony between the chocolate flavor and the smoothness of the milk. This will make a delicious complement to sweet or savory treats, such as fruit. If you want to offset the sweetness of cake, churros, or biscuits, using dark chocolate as a dipping sauce is the way to go. How about something that has the ideal amount of cocoa flavor?

Create a chocolate fountain to serve as the focus of any event or party.

If you have ever melted premium chocolate, you will know that it has a seductively rich and delicious texture. Because of its seductively rich and luscious texture, it is a fantastic choice for dipping dishes in fondue. However, the melted confection must be thinned out a little to get the glossy and fluid consistency necessary for a chocolate fountain. This is because the chocolate fountain requires a glossy and fluid consistency. This may be accomplished by incorporating a trace amount of water into the mixture.

You may accomplish this goal in various ways, combining melted chocolate with vegetable oil in the desired proportions. For the highest potential health advantages, look for chocolate containing a significant amount of cocoa butter. This chocolate will not only have a richer and more fulfilling flavor than chocolate of a lower grade, but it will also require a lower amount of additional oil because of its higher quality.


The location of a chocolate fountain in the event area is one of the features that is considered to be of the utmost importance. Even though you may set a chocolate fountain on any table within a power outlet’s reach, it is important to position the fountain in a way. That will provide the most enjoyable experience for your visitors. Place your chocolate fountain on a separate round table with sufficient access space to walk around the table. You can simply accommodate a greater number of guests at the same time.

This is because most chocolate fountains offer dipping space around their entire circumferences.

  • When it comes to the items that are necessary for dipping.
  • You can put them on the table, which serves as the buffet line.
  • Or in display bowls or plates placed around the table’s perimeter.

If you cannot do so, you must rent a chocolate fountain Essex.

Foods to Serve with a chocolate fountain.


Bananas, by themselves, are not particularly exciting. They do not have a very strong taste. To elevate bananas to an entirely new level, simply dip them in chocolate. You may also sprinkle a few almonds over the outside of the chocolate that has melted.

Ice Cream Stuffed Cone

Ice Cream Stuffed Cone

Those individuals who want to have their cake and eat it, too, in the most literal sense, will find this an excellent concept. You should get some little ice cream cones and then fill each one with your preferred flavor of cake batter. After that, simply submerge them in the chocolate fountain and enjoy them! Because children will like eating them, this is an excellent choice to consider if you are hosting a party for children.

Cake made with poundage

Traditional dipping options include ganache, Nutella, and cream cheese icing. Pound cake’s robust structure allows it to withstand slightly more substantial dips.


Pairing strawberries with chocolate is one of the most time-honored culinary traditions. Strawberries have a pleasant feel somewhere in the middle of softness and firmness. It’s one of the things that people love to dunk in chocolate fountains the most.


When using your chocolate fountain, use marshmallows of a larger size to dip. So that the smaller marshmallows don’t become stuck in the machine. Marshmallows are gooey and have a hint of taste; as a result, they are an excellent complement to chocolate. You might try crafting a dessert with some crackers and the chocolate fountain.


Pineapple is a sour fruit that is both delicious and hard to chew. It can leave the tongue with a sour taste when consumed in excessive quantities. When pineapple is dipped in chocolate, the chocolate tempers the fruit’s acidity, which is one reason the two work so well together.


Everyone has a soft spot in their heart for traditional chocolate chip cookies. And dipping those cookies in melted chocolate might be the single finest thing that can be done with them.

  • Simply place some real chocolate chips in a bowl.
  • And then, add a teaspoon of shortening or cocoa butter to spread them out.
  • Don’t forget to dip your favorite cookies halfway into the chocolate mixture.
  • Do this before placing them on a platter to harden.

The Chocolate Fountains of Trez Entertainment

You’ll never want dessert again with the help of our chocolate fountains because each of our fountains provides a unique set of dipping options. You may choose from various snacks, such as popcorn, biscuits, marshmallows, or whatever else your imagination can conjure up. White chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate are all available to you, and if the occasion calls for it, you may even have all three!


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