Food Truck Weddings: Everything You Need To Know


Food and drink are the greatest methods to ensure a memorable occasion, as weddings focus more on the guest experience. There are plenty of ways to do something special in this sector, whether providing appetizers before the ceremony, incorporating an elaborate grazing table at cocktail hour, or presenting upgraded zero-proof drinks at the bar—and one increasingly popular choice is the food truck wedding. This also includes an ice cream truck for events. Because catering is such an important part of the wedding day, it’s a fantastic opportunity to try something new. Food trucks are quick, affordable, and provide a variety of great food and beverage options.

The sky is the limit regarding what you may offer and how you can employ a food truck at your wedding. As a result, we will focus on food truck weddings in this post.

So, without further ado, let’s get this party started!

What Is The Cost Of A Wedding Food Truck?

According to Social Tables, hiring a food truck for a wedding might cost anywhere from $12 to $35 per person, depending on the kind of cuisine. There may be a minimum amount that must be fulfilled, but estimate the cost of a 100-person wedding to be between $1,000 and $3,500. Keep in mind, however, that the pricing of food trucks often includes the food.

While catering firms sometimes include more services and materials in their prices, like linens, chairs, dishes, servers, tables, glasses, and so forth. But if you want to do something different without spending this much, you can rent ice cream truck for wedding. With this, you can serve ice creams in a different yet better way. And to get the most cost-effective quote, you can contact Besties ice Cream. 

Summer vanilla ice cream in waffle cones and cherry berries

How Do You Go About Hiring A Food Truck For A Wedding?

First, consider what you want to serve. Will you, for example, reserve the food truck for cocktail hour, the main reception meal, or dessert? Do you want to serve themed Italian food or keep it simple? Once you’ve answered those questions, figure out how many guests will attend your wedding and start looking. Narrow down your top few alternatives and begin contacting them to see if they can fulfill your demands, such as the date and number of guests attending.

Are Food Trucks Permitted At Wedding Venues?

It is dependent on the setting. Some venues do not accept outside catering at all, while others have strict policies about food trucks in general. The most straightforward method to find out is to contact your venue directly (before hiring the food truck) to ensure that there will be no problems. In other circumstances, the venue may have a list of recommended food trucks with whom they have previously worked, which is a win-win situation!

Three Food Truck Wedding Catering Obstacles To Avoid

Waiting Times For Food

Preparing food to order for each visitor may result in lengthy lines. Consider the scale of the wedding and how you will handle wait times for huge attendees.

To avoid angry wedding guests, consider the following:

  • Provide food for participants to eat while they wait.
  • Make sure you have enough personnel to deal with the crowd.
  • Prepare as much as possible ahead of time.
  • Don’t provide a comprehensive menu. Instead, concentrate on a few excellent choices to simplify preparation.
  • Coordination with the spouse is required to ensure that only small groups of visitors order simultaneously.

Weather Problems

Whether the event is in an outdoor or indoor setting, visitors still need to go outside to pick up their tickets from a food truck. That is why, in the event of bad weather, you must plan ahead of time to keep customers pleased and service going efficiently.

Should you install a cover over the food line in the case it rains? Would a few heat lights be a good idea if the weather becomes cold outside? You don’t want bad weather to derail an event, so plan for all possibilities.

Coordinating Details With The Couple

One of the most challenging aspects of wedding catering is planning all the arrangements for the couple’s special day – it takes a lot of effort! Trying to manage all of the intricacies may be really stressful. You don’t want to feel like you let down the happy couple.

Meeting with the couple (several times if required) and talking openly can help avert any unanticipated events. A thorough contract enables you to clarify the terms and conditions of your service. Before committing to catering their event, ensure the couple has read and agreed to your agreements.

The Advantages Of A Food Truck Wedding Reception

  • Remarkable Experience
  • Not Going Bankrupt
  • It Is Simpler To Clean Up On-Site.
  • The Food Is Delicious And Fresh.
  • Food Trucks Can Enhance The Party
  • Plan The Most Delicious Food Truck Wedding Anybody Has Ever Attended!

Now that you know what kind of food truck you want to rent, you’ll need to add some extra sweets to your wedding meal. Rent ice cream truck for wedding with Besties Ice Cream. 

Food Truck Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

Is a permit required to have a food truck at my event?

The criteria for special events, parking, and fire code permits differ by city and county. You should verify with your local government if you are using something other than a food truck with event expertise. A permit is usually not required for activities held on private land.

How many guests can this accommodate?

We suggest a maximum guest count of 150 for a single food truck. You should arrange multiple trucks for anything larger to minimize long wait periods.

Should I decorate the vehicle to match the rest of my wedding decor?

The quick answer is no. You’ve probably booked the truck because it’s a fun and unique experience—take advantage of that! If you want to incorporate your theme, place a sign or menu beside the truck that matches your decor.

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