5 Sure-Shot Tips To Dance Floor Hire Essex For Your Wedding

5 Sure-Shot Tips To Dance Floor Hire Essex For Your Wedding
5 Sure-Shot Tips To Dance Floor Hire Essex For Your Wedding

Everybody has dreamed about their dream wedding day now and then. And once the wedding date is fixed, they are all set to prepare for their special day. People literally burn the midnight oil to make the most of it. They dive right into the process and try to find the most amazing tips to throw the best wedding party. There goes so much into the wedding day setup—such as lights, DJ, dance floor, and so much more. After all, we all want our guests to feel comfortable, relaxed, and amused—all at the same time.

But before we get to everything, we will discuss the foundation of a party hall. Yes, that is a dance floor. This topic will discuss why you should spend some bucks on dance floor hire Essex. And what do you need to know to hire an awesome dance floor?

Also, the dance floor has become a mission-critical aspect of weddings and all parties.

Well, lucky for you, we have all the expertise in this topic, from choosing the proper size to budgeting and, of course, locating the most wonderful one to fit the style of your next party. Let’s face it, a dancefloor is the essence of your wedding, and it should look as spectacular as the rest of your celebration. We’ll go over all there is to know about wedding dancefloors so you can choose the best one and enjoy your special day.

Dance Floor Hire Essex

Dance Floor Size

For almost everyone, the primary concern is entertainment. People love to go to weddings to dance, have fun, and cherish moments with family. And the dance floor makes it happen irresistibly. 

Depending on your guest list and expected venue area, you can easily consider dance floor size. You can’t afford to go wrong with the measure because it has the potential to rock and flop your party. Suppose you have a large gathering but a tiny dance floor. Even imagining this is a huge mess in itself. 

Depending on the number of attendees on your guest list, a wedding dance floor can be any size. While each wedding is different, in general, you may anticipate that 50% of your guests will be on the dance floor, which can give you a good estimate of how big your wedding dance floor has to be. To ensure everyone’s safety, they are often offered in 10 ft, 12 ft, 14 ft, 16 ft, and 20 ft layouts with durable construction material and a non-slip, water-resistant surface.


Another thing that goes into play is the venue. You have to think proportionally here. If your wedding hall is big, so has to be your wedding floor, and vice-versa. So, after choosing your wedding location and signing the contract, it’s time to consider where you want to put the dance floor. Many wedding venues offer various layouts depending on the type of event you want to throw and the number of guests. It is essential to match your wedding layout must match the style of the event you are trying to host. 

After picking the ideal place for your awesome dance floor, it is a good moment to measure the space and have that information handy. Also, ask your venue manager if they have any restrictions or needs for your dance floor installation. They often request that your vendors place a cover and protect the grass, marble floor, or wooden floor, so have those details cleared before hiring your dance floor. 

Next, Comes The Themes

Trez Entertainment in Essex offers so many dance floor themes. Gone are the days when you had to choose wooden floor options that buzzed like an elephant tap. As of today, there are endless possibilities for the dance floor that can match the style you fantasize about for your big day. LED light-up wedding dance floors, circular or rectangular floors, black & white checkered dance floors, disco dance floors, etc., are some of the most popular options for modern, vintage, romantic, and rustic wedding themes. A led dance floor hire Essex will catch everyone’s attention and add a magical touch to your celebration. 

Remember to ensure the floor’s robustness and safety before you book.

Estimate Your Budget

A wedding budget is one of the most important things you need to take care of since you need to be aware of your options and constraints when requesting quotes and to select your vendors. You will undoubtedly discover a dance floor that suits your needs, given the vast range of costs available. Remember that if your entertainment provider provides a dance floor, your hire rate may be discounted because you use the same vendor for multiple services. 

Ask For A Free Quote

Reach TrezEntertainment online and ask for a free consultation. They will help you with eclectic dance floor options. Also, they are home to DJs, picture booths, and other entertainment services. Trust me. You will be mesmerized by the possibilities offered to you. Visit their website to see what kind of business they are in Essex.


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